Could Squash could help ADHD kids ?

What if I tell you, Squash could help ADHD kids … says Ahmed Mohamed Khalil


SH3306According to Wikipedia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a psychiatric disorder of the neurodevelopmental type in which there are significant problems of attention, hyperactivity, or acting impulsively that are not appropriate for a person’s age.

The steps are simple: to help the kid, we need to make him focusing on the ball while finding the exact length of a training session.  I have been working lately with a ADHD player and it was the first time I was dealing with such a case, and my first encounter with that condition.          Read story in new window

Author: Ahmed Mohamed Khalil

My name is Ahmed Mohamed Khalil, I am 26 years old. I have been playing squash since I was 8. I studied architecture and I am now working as a squash coach for 6 years now. I live in Alexandria, in Egypt. My dream is to manage my own squash academy one day.... Full Profile

4 thoughts on “Could Squash could help ADHD kids ?”

  1. With squash, Ahmed, I always believe you get out what you put in, or what you invest. Seems to me that your investment is paying off in a big way with this boy, congratulations. He’ll be changed for the rest of his life by this, and maybe he’ll be ANOTHER great Egyptian champion!

    1. Thanks alot Aubrey. Such a pride to feel that squash, the sport that influenced us all, could make kids lives better. Many kids need a chance like that and hopefuly squash gives all dreamers their chance to live a normal life.

  2. Hi Ahmed. My name is Nick and I coach at Boksburg squash club situated in Gauteng South Africa. I coach kids with ADHD once a week. I wish to stay in touch with you as the kids have special needs. I wish to help. It would be appreciated if you have any information that could help me help the kids and vice versa. I am in close contact with the school of transformation. The staff at the school are qualified to give information on how to manage certain situations.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Sorry i have just noticed your comment. It will be great to be in contacr to help each other with ADHD cases.

      That’s my mail, so please feel free to send me as i have received two days ago a valuable study about ADHD cases and percentages.


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