Responsibility through Struggle

Allowing Young People the gift of ‘Responsibility’ through Struggle, Failure and Freedom … by Danny Massaro


Author: Danny Massaro

Lecturer for 15 years in Sports Coaching and Performance, currently Work at University of Central Lancashire (past 7 years) delivering mainly to Post Graduate Students in Sports Coaching and Performance Psychology, Married to Laura Massaro. Danny's full profile

7 thoughts on “Responsibility through Struggle”

  1. Great article, one of the best I have read in some time. It’s all about putting yourself on the cause side of the equation, not the effect. If you are at effect, you can’t make changes.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to reading the book.

  2. This is a great piece! I’ll share it with my children and students. Thank you. Looking forward to buying the book.

  3. Dear Danny. Looking forward to reading the book. Many books on the market on coaching but nothing like this. Thank you. Nick

    1. Nick, I can recommend “Mindset” by Prof Carol Dweck, whilst not specifically about coaching, it covers a lot of issues raised by Danny. I suspect Danny’s will be more specific to juniors, but fundamentally the same principles apply.

  4. The article left me wanting more and I look forward to the book release. I enjoyed “talent is overrated”, this book seems fresh and unique. Danny – hopefully it’s available in Australia.

  5. Thank you for the feedback from everyone. I’ve had 23 positive emails about it since the article was put out last week. I didn’t expect that. It’s all encouraging for the book. Thanks again, Danny.

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