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    1. I so agree. I absolutely loved reading it when I got it. We have a French poet/writer maker, called Jean Cocteau, who said to young actors : “cultive ce qu’on te reproche, c’est toi”. Could be adapted as “make your faults your strength and specificity”. We create our own perfection. “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it”…

  1. Certainly one of the best I have read so far. An Inspiration for many youngsters now a day, Who fear taking their own decisions and are affected by others around them.

    Keep it up Sarah.

  2. Well said Sarah-Jane and you have proved it! Wish I had been given such advice when I was young and lacking in confidence In team games.Squash helped as it was me against many different opponents all of whom had strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Great article. Very inspiring and very true. i strongly believe and agree to every word of it. i train and coach my players differently according to their specific personal abilities. Even my Academy slogan is “B The Best U Can B”.

  4. Sarah,

    A very inspiring story. Your journey is one of perseverance and a love of the game of squash. Too many times people have been pigeonholed based on someone’s perception of what a squash player should look like. Your reaction was one of strength with the help of a good coach and positive people. You took it upon yourself to do something other people said you couldn’t do or become.

    Having watched you a few times during your junior days at the BJO’s I was always impressed at how hard you worked and congratulations on who you have become. Your article on ”Overcoming Adversity” is an inspiration to all.

  5. Brilliant article Sarah Jane. It is refreshing and personal, which made it inspiring to me. It’s really useful to me as a coach as well, thanks.

    I think it’s a superb example for those people whos outlook in life and personality type prefers the philosophy of uniqueness, individuality and exploration. Not everybody’s preferred or actual developmental journey but certainly yours. Those around you who wisely recognised this when coaching / nurturing you, have clearly been outstanding for you as a person and performer.

    What everyone needs though (IMO!), if they want to achieve things, is that “Growth Mindset” of yours that shines through brightly in this article and also in your actions. By that I mean the persistent detailed work you must have put in which have taken you into the top 20 players in the world. The question now is, will ‘SJ squash’ get you where you want to really go?! Why not?

    Well done and good luck this week with your Senior England debut in Holland.

    Danny Massaro.

  6. Wonderfully written! It really is so important to play your own style of game and not try to be anyone else! And most importantly, love the sport you’re playing. When I’m not playing squash, I’m thinking about it so I guess I’ve chosen the right sport!

  7. Well written Sarah! Love the angle you have taken towards this and I totally agree with you—shame on those who have scoffed at equal prize money. We need to take many more small steps such as this… the Olympic Games is still very much written in our sport’s future. Good luck in Holland!

  8. Hi Sarah. Great stuff that! I sincerely hope that many parents, coaches, teachers and friends read your article. We hear of the few successes from people as yourself that have that one person that believes in you. How many kids are never able to tell their story because some dream thief stole that dream from them.This is not about convincing you but being honest with you that he really believes in YOU. When you see him again give him one massive hug. We all have mentors in our life and my story is no different. I have been coaching for 24 years as a result of that. When I get new pupils I usually give them the reasons one succeeds. The 4 d’s are important (Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline). I throw in height for fun irrespective how tall a child is. They understand the 4 d’s but for some unknown reason they see height as short. It can be either. I wish you great success in your squash career and although I was pretty annoyed you beat my favorite squash player, Laura, I am over it. Looking forward to watching you play further. Nick

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