Amanda Sobhy

  • SP_4291Currently studying at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Highest world ranking was 17 in 2011.
  • Competed numerous times on the US National Women and Junior Team for World Championships and Pan-American Games.
  • US Junior and Women’s National Champion, 2010 World Junior Open Champion, 2013 World Open Doubles Champion, and 2012 and 2013 Intercollegiate National Team and Individual Champion.
  • Became the first American ever to win a World Open title when winning the World Junior Open on my 17th birthday.
  •  Winner of 9 WSA titles, and 2 WDSA titles.
  • My idol is Amr Shabana. What a legend. That forehand volley of his is lethal. Plus, lefties need to stick together!
  • When not playing squash, you will probably find me at my desk writing a paper or falling asleep to some dense analytical text that I am supposed to read.
  • When not studying or playing squash, I love to be outside when the weather is nice either paddle boarding or kayaking in my hometown of Sea Cliff, traveling to LA, hiking up some trails, or being on the beach with good friends and soaking in some rays.
  • I love to do fun adventurous things like go bungee jumping or skydiving (haven’t gone skydiving yet sadly)… Any other daring things that you know of, please let me know!
  • When the weather is too cold to go outside, I will be either singing, kicking my mom’s butt in Yahtzee, or searching for a piano to go and sight read some music.
  • My goal is to graduate with a degree from Harvard University and then play on the WSA tour.
  • Hopefully one day I will be able to become number 1 in the world and inspire others to take the same path that I did by going to an American University first and then playing full time on the professional tour.