The A to Z of Squash

I love lists, and what better list than an A-Z of Squash ? Here is mine, says Phillip Marlowe …


I love lists,  and what better list than an A-Z? Here is mine. Before you read, I admit that the “X” is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but hopefully you can come up with a better one.  

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Author: Phillip Marlowe

Having started playing squash in my late teens, it was clear that I was never going to reach the heights of my dreams. I did, however, claim the Guinness World Squash Endurance Record of 122 Hours and 44 Minutes. After that Squash became my life. Phillip's full profile

7 thoughts on “The A to Z of Squash”

  1. Great, thanks for sharing!

    At my level I just have to learn but would like to disagree on 2 of them (just for fun):

    N – Nicks are true gods – when I hit the nick because I targeted it I feel pure happiness!
    My X would have to be for X-court – the xcross volley nick is the biggest divinity in the squash pantheon 🙂


      1. No, it’s not food. It is the Justin Bieber of racket sports: very popular and superficial but lacking real depth and substance.

        Sorry, couldn’t resist a little joke.

    1. Luis,

      I am glad you liked it.

      It’s true, hit a planned nick is a great feeling, but for me, the straight volley nick is more satisfying.

      I’m not sure if it is technically easier or harder (it depends on who you talk to – I say harder) and it is certainly less visually impressive, but it just feels so good.

      I thought about “X for Xcourt” but it seemed like cheating.

  2. I’m finding these tips very helpful and my game is starting to improve again after hitting bit of a plateau. It’s easy to get on court and just bash the ball, especially in today’s modern society of being busy. Thinking about your game before, during and after a match improves your game but it is also enjoyable and rewarding. It’s a good feeling when it comes together and inspires you to develop further. So thanks for that!

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