Time for a new Roadshow ?

Time for a new Roadshow ? Phillip Marlowe thinks so, plus “the myth of unforced errors”


Author: Phillip Marlowe

Having started playing squash in my late teens, it was clear that I was never going to reach the heights of my dreams. I did, however, claim the Guinness World Squash Endurance Record of 122 Hours and 44 Minutes. After that Squash became my life. Phillip's full profile

1 thought on “Time for a new Roadshow ?”

  1. I think this is a great idea. I know a handful of kids that would be interested, and that’s even with out thinking too hard. There are loads of schools in the Rugby area and a squash club with very high standard facilities who I’m sure will be willing to support this.
    With the weather in the UK as it is, an indoor sport is what these kids need a fun introduction too.

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