3 thoughts on “Sport: so much more than winning or losing”

  1. Great piece Lee – there was also a good documentary, presented by Michael Vaughan, about what sports men and women do once they retire which included Tony Adams talking about his alcohol issues.
    It’s a really interesting topic which thankfully seems to be at least being discussed if not fully addressed.

  2. Good article Lee! When I moved to a quiet part of Wales I was horrified to find that there was very little squash being played and the courts at Leisure Centre were in danger of being closed. Being retired I decide to get a coaching qualification with the help of Squash Wales,formed a club with the help of Community chest funding and began to coach the local kids on a voluntary basis. This has been a very rewarding experience and in the past thirteen years I estimate that approximately 400 young people have tried our sport. There have been problems of course. Mainly lack of parental support in view of travel and expense involved in tournament participation but nevertheless a degree of success. Two girls selected for National squad and five have represented North Wales in British Inter County Championships. These young people had good parental support and were willing to work hard to improve their standard. My reason for commenting however is to say how much I agree with you that coaching gives you a much better understanding of the game and in particular technique. I was only an average club player before I started to coach and although I am now aged 76 and now have a movement problem caused by injury I do feel that I still learn something new almost everyday.

  3. Very interesting article and so sad too.It would be interested to knowing the stats and the effects across a variety of sports : say top 20 in the uk and reference this to the number of pros in that sport, the media coverage they get and the commercial worth it has

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