The ‘Glamour’ of Travelling on the Tour

Dipika Pallikal: “The perils of travel, so be it, my squash is bigger, it’s the 2020 Olympics calling!”


by Dipika Pallikal

scan0010The perils of travel, so be it, my squash is bigger!

I have had the worst luck on flights specially since december 2012…While I have the good fortune of having a mum that works with a travel agency – meaning that I get to travel in better conditions than most, what happens when nature strikes, snow storm, an announcement goes, “your flight Cayman to Miami is delayed”, seem to always happen on MY route!

Fair enough, India is miles and miles away.. For example, to come back from the Caymans after the Worlds, I need to connect via Miami-New-York-London-Dubai-Chennai..

Get to Miami, the Miami New York flight is just about to depart.. Gosh I manage to get on it and have about an hour to get the New York Emirates flight. Run straight out of the flight to the baggage area to collect baggage and recheck it to the Ek flight and what do I find???  The Conveyer belt not working…


Half an hour later, my bags are on their way, and just as I was beginning to smile passing the big burly customs officers, I find my New York Dubai flight parked on a far away different terminal with just 25 minutes for the flight to depart…

I had helped an elderly nervous Philipino lady also travelling on the same flight, so had company, we ran, halted a cab. Five mins and we were at the EK check in counter.. Don’t know what notes I put into the Cab driver’s hands, I was just happy he drove us fast to the correct Ek terminal.

Thank God I had the good sense to call my mum while I was at the baggage area, so reaching the counter just 20 mins before flight take off they had closed the counter, but had my boarding passes New York Dubai Chennai all ready, and most of all, a smile and a helping hand to reach me to the flight…

Still worth all of it! I can’t give up, it’s the 2020 Olympics calling!

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  1. One of the most beatifulls women of the wolrd !!!!! I want to be your boy friend.
    I love you, Dipika.

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