To be good, and to make it last….

Why are you that good…. And what makes you last at being that good…?

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Why are you that good….

And what makes you last at being that good…?

ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 02 14.10Many national squash champions have been reaching a higher  level than the rest of their fellow countrymen/women, winning their national title year after year.

There are enough recent examples to mention, such as Thierry Lincou (11), Simon Rosner (7), Laurens Jan Anjema (8), Nick Matthew (5), Isabelle Stoehr (10), Greg Gaultier (6), and there must be many more in other countries that I am unaware of.  [It would nice to produce a list of them as exceptional achievers for their country and their squash]

How come? What are the reasons? Why are they the only ones to reach a higher level? And sometimes in a field of fierce competition.

I just produced a list of possible reasons to make this happen:

  • Different standard of mental, approach, fitness and effort.
  • The international experience has such an advantage (for so many years)
    (The best reason for the existence of an international PSA and WISPA).
  • Different approach towards top sport.
  • There must be a long track record/history of a national league competition with a high national and international standard.
  • No conformation to standards, associations and existing national trainings.
  • If you won three times, you are twice as difficult  to beat?
  • No real competition on a national level.
  • Failure of National Associations’ training methods or coaches?
  • One has to go really individual, egocentrically, by choosing the best (international) trainers, coaches and others….

Even reading the possible reasons it is still a question to me: why only one?

I know only one can win, and is the best. But why only one for such a long period of time ?

National Champions 2013

Country/Link Men's Champion Titles Women's Champion Titles
England Nick Matthew 5 Alison Waters 3
France Gregory Gaultier 6 Camille Serme 5
Germany Simon Rosner 7 Franziska Hennes 1
Netherlands Laurens Jan Anjema 8 Natalie Grinham 3
Belgium Stefan Casteleyn 17 Nele Gilis 1
Wales Peter Creed 4 Tesni Evans 2
Sweden  Romain Tenant 1  Linnea Wallsten 1
New Zealand Campbell Grayson 2 Joelle King 3
Luxembourg Marcel Kramer 3 Sandra Denis 14

16 thoughts on “To be good, and to make it last….”

  1. What about Madeline Perry for Ireland.
    Current Irish Champion and has been Irish champion since 1997 at the age of 20 missing only one year in which she did not compete through sickness. This is thirteen years as Irish Chanpion! Highest world ranking No 3.

  2. In Hungary there are two players who dominate the court
    Márk Krajcsák 10 in a row
    Edina Szombati 6
    I hope these names will be published as well 🙂
    Thank You

  3. Hi Robert,
    I had a plesure to be hosted by your family once…
    Im in Brasil and a won my 13 national championship here last year…
    The only question is: when should i stop play squash?
    Even we like to play, same time we dont Wanna lose…
    Give us some coments about that…will be interesting!!!

    Rafael Alarcon

    1. Hi Rafael, good to hear you are well…
      Keep on playing. Have fun and choose the right opponents! I still play 3 times a week against friends in the same age groups…

  4. Jan Koukal 13 times (championship 2013 yet to come), Jana Smeralova 9 in a row – both Czech Republic.

  5. I have seen a couple of Egyptian fifteen year olds that would beat anyone on this list..Matthew and Gaultier included.

  6. The mind is a strange thing.

    I think it is because once you view someone as a ‘legend’ in your own mind, it becomes so much harder to beat that person.

    The converse also applies. For example, when I play with somebody who I am convinced (because of past experience) cannot hurt me on the court, then that is how it is. But as soon as I start taking the person seriously and equal to my own capabilities, a huge battle results, more often than not.

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