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“Not sure what you wish me to write about, Fram. What did you have in mind?”
Tricky. As if I had anything in mind ever.

“Euh, basically, the idea is you have “Carte Blanche”. It means what it says on the box. “Carte Blanche”. What goes through  your mind, your heart. The joys you feel, the things that really annoy you. Your travels. Your journeys. Your laughs, your cries. CARTE BLANCHE!”

“About squash?”

“About what YOU WANT”.


And that’s how it started. A few of the people I contacted politely declined. But most of them actually said yes. For which I’m very grateful. They may come to regret it, as I might have to pester them to get their words. But if I judge by the first text I got from Lee Drew, “Carte Blanche” has got a nice future ahead of it.

Bienvenue to Carte Blanche….

Author: Framboise Gommendy

In another life, Framboise is an actress (framboisegommendy.com), and still makes a living out of her initial job, well, sometimes. In November 2004, she created SquashSite with Steve Cubbins. Fram's Full Profile

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